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The main focus of FOSTER DREAMS is to not only teach others how to turn their dreams into realities, but to inspire them to unite their visions with the world at large. With that in mind, we’ve introduced three programs we hope to continue in the years ahead.

Donate a Dream

The first project that started it all under tragic circumstances….

Not long after FOSTER DREAMS became a recognized non-profit in August 2012, tragedy struck a few months later on December 14th, when a disturbed young man opened fire in the hallways and classrooms at Sandy Hook Elementary School in Newtown, Connecticut. There have been violent acts like this before, but this one was particularly disturbing for Kevin since he had spoken at that school years before, and both Kevin and the Sandy Hook Principal had graduated from the same high school! It was at that point that Kevin knew it was imperative that he get involved directly with the youth. As a motivational speaker who tours the country, Kevin decided to create a dynamic, new program that he hoped would make an impact on the increasing violence in our schools.

In October 2013, FOSTER DREAMS won a grant from Cliff Bar & Company to conduct a newly developed program called Donate A Dream (DaD) that would reach underprivileged youth through the school and juvenile systems.

Nearly a year after the Sandy Hook Massacre, Kevin approached his local elementary school in Three Rivers, located near the southern entrance to Sequoia National Park in central California and spoke to the Principal about testing his Donate a Dream pilot program where Kevin would supply to each 7th and 8th grade student a $25 “charity check” that would be donated to a non-profit of their choice.

At first, the students had trouble where to donate the money and relating to the program itself, because they had never given to charity before, but after some encouragement and engagement from Kevin, they discovered non-profits and causes which they were passionate about. The program also tasked the students to write a formal letter (which none of the students had ever done) to their selected non-profits and to create brochures which they would share with the class. When Kevin returned to visit the school in March 2014, the students spoke about how the program changed their self-awareness and perception that they, too, really could change the word around them.

Since that pilot program, Donate A Dream has now reached schools, on all levels, across the country.

Devote your time to a goal larger than yourself.
Richard Nixon, 37th President of the United States
Discover A Dream. Discover Yourself

Discover A Dream. Discover Yourself (DAD.DY) is a one-day, hours-long intensive program designed to impact and motivate the students (no matter the age) to see the boundless possibilities of their true potential and understand their place in the world. Kevin begins the Program by showing the short (39 minutes), Oscar qualified (2020) documentary about his life, Against The Wall, and then through other visuals and diagrams of Dreamer statistics, coupled with relatable stories from his own life as well as about others who made the change from obscurity to recognition. The students, along with their written notes from the course, begin to make the connection that it really isn’t a mystery to turn one’s dreams into realities — which is as easy as crossing the street.

By the time the course ends that day, the students have a purpose and a general idea of where they want to go and what they wish to do. Armed with their newly discovered knowledge about themselves and their dreams, they are ready to face the world with a bit more enthusiasm and endurance to change the course of their lives for the better, and thereby being able to help others.

Dare to Dream. Dare to be a Realistic Dreamer.
Kevin Foster

Dreamer’s Workshop

The Dreamer’s Workshop is a multi-day, extensive and comprehensive 2 – 5 day event expanding on the principles and formula of the Discover A Dream. Discover Yourself (DAD.DY) program given by the Uber Dreamer himself, Founder of FOSTER DREAMS, Kevin Foster, who lays out exact guidelines with proven principles. The workshop starts with a screening of Kevin’s bio film, AGAINST THE WALL, as well as by interacting and going step-by-step with classes of all ages on how they, too, can turn their dreams into realities, thereby changing their lives for the better and creating everlasting impact upon the world and their communities. By the end of the event, the future “Realistic Dreamers” have laid out a plan and a purpose as they begin to see their life in a new and exciting way…

The Dreamer’s Workshop is a roving program, which Kevin conducts personally, and reaches students across the nation.

Knowledge Through Failure, Success Through Faith
Kevin Foster