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Kevin Foster is a multi-faceted, multi-award winning adventurer, actor, film producer and motivational speaker who is most known for being the first and only person to ride a bicycle atop the length of The Great Wall of China, a dream he held since being electrocuted as a child as doctors said he would never walk or talk again; remaining in a wheelchair the rest of his life.

As Kevin has always pointed out to others… “I’m so glad I got my death over with at a young age, so I could begin to live my life the way it was meant to be lived.”

Since his electrocution and return from death in 1968, Kevin has devoted his life to turning his dreams into reality. At age 16, he became a professional actor, and worked steadily for the next decade in theatre, both On and Off Broadway in New York, as well as in film. Training in his chosen profession consisted of The American Academy of Dramatic Arts; The Actor’s Studio with Lee Strasberg; The HB Studio with husband and wife team, Herbert Berghof and Uta Hagen; and with Stella Adler, all in New York City.

Kevin grew up in and around the tough ghetto area known as The North End of Waterbury, Connecticut, where he learned to fight and discipline himself in the Old World art of fencing, becoming a street-smart survivalist which helped in his future role as a world-class adventurer.

In 1989, Kevin burst onto the national scene when he broke the near-impossible Guinness World Record of traveling the entire length of the New York Subway system in 26 hours, 21 minutes, 08 seconds. A year later, with the help of sponsors such as… Cannondale bicycles, Bell helmets, Reebok, Oakley sunglasses, Shimano, the National Geographic Society and Air China, Kevin followed up that accomplishment by becoming the first person to ride a bicycle, from one end to the other, atop the Great Wall of China, covering some 2000 miles, and earning the 1990 Cyclist of the Year award over his friend, 3-time Tour de France champion, Greg LeMond.

Needless to say, Kevin took a serious detour from his acting career.

Upon the success of The Great Wall, Kevin’s sponsorship level increased, adding other corporations to his growing list, such as… Klein bicycles, Fox Racing, Alpinestars, Clif Bar protein snacks, Camelbak watering systems, and The North Face outdoor gear among others.

The 90s became one rollercoaster ride after another for Kevin when he followed up the “last, greatest cycling adventure on the face of the earth” with the AMERICAN SUMMITS tour of placing a full scale mountain bike atop the highest natural point in each of the 50 united States, and the tip-to-tip, 1158-mile, TOUR de CUBA, the longest bicycle trek in that nation’s history.

Upon retiring from a career in adventure cycling in 1998, Kevin devoted much of his time to charity work before returning to his acting roots in 2004, adding Producing and Writing credits to his list with his debut feature film, Yesterday’s Dreams. He followed that project up by producing the feature length documentary, Hollywood on Fire (2008), as well as producing the music CD, Saber Bytes, which held the #1 spot on college radio throughout North America during the Summer of 2009.

Kevin and his Chinese investors have also produced the Oscar qualified documentary about his life, Against The Wall (2019) as well as A Perfect Love (2023).

Mr. Foster has also been honored with entries in…. the Marquis Who’s Who In The World; the Marquis Who’s Who In America; Outstanding Intellectuals Of The 21st Century and in 2020, Kevin received the Alfred Nelson Marquis Lifetime Achievement Award from the Marquis Who’s Who Society.

When not traveling throughout the world turning dreams into realities, Kevin spends his time presenting slide shows and giving motivational talks of his adventures to the various schools, colleges, and corporations in the United States. He also keeps busy around his homestead and community in the tiny village of Three Rivers, located at the southern entrance to Sequoia National Park in central California.

Known as Captain America (because of his love of the red, white and blue; stars ‘n’ stripes) by millions of schoolchildren around the world, Kevin can be reached through his personal website at…., and actually tries to answer most of his fan mail when time permits.

The Person who says it cannot be done,
should not interrupt the Person doing it.

Old Chinese Proverb

The preview to the 2020 Oscar-qualified documentary on Kevin Foster
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