foster dreams
After decades of turning dreams into realities…

Kevin Foster launched his own 501(c)3 non-profit corporation in 2012 to achieve his greatest dream of all… reaching out to the youth, who, like himself, face challenges beyond their years.

Kevin is on a mission to share with others what he knows are the most essential tools to achieve more than most people ever dream is possible.
Dreaming is a Serious Business…

Why do some people manifest their dreams over and over, while other talented people struggle to accomplish even their basic desires?

Psychologists, performance experts and human potential gurus suggest a multitude of reasons — but Kevin learned long ago that manifesting dreams has a lot to do with being un-reasonable.

The world pushes us to be reasonable, rational, and logical — but Kevin is here to teach us that manifesting dreams has a lot more to do with desire, discipline and determination coupled with a healthy dose of passion, perseverance and purpose. Bind these elements together with an overarching creative vision and unshakeable faith and you will have what it takes to change the course of your life forever!

If that’s true, how do you teach it to others?

Where there is no Vision, There is no Dream…

With thousands of negative messages bombarding young people daily, it’s not easy to develop vision, passion, and courage towards a greater purpose for one’s life and for the world. Becoming empowered to dream, and to dream BIG, is a gift that is acquired by having your own deep knowing in tandem with another person’s unconditional positive regard… someone who believes in you and will help push you beyond your limits.

FOSTER DREAMS is on a mission to put Kevin, his inspiring life story, and his proven manifestation process of turning dreams into realities, out into the world, aiming directly at our nation’s youth.

Dreamers Dare to Dream for a Living…
As an emerging non-profit corporation, we are seeking support from our friends, colleagues, corporate partners, and the general public. We look forward to working with other Dreamers, as we connect the visions and passions of our upcoming generations with the knowledge and wisdom of previous generations. Dare to make a difference and create a fulfilled life!
Never let any WALL stand in your way!