The main focus of Foster Dreams is not only to teach others how to turn their dreams into realities, but to inspire them to be of service to others less fortunate than themselves. With that in mind, we’ve recently introduced two programs we hope will continue in the years ahead.

Dreamer’s Workshop

In April 2013, Foster Dreams acquired a grant to conduct a “Dreamer’s Workshop” for underprivileged youth. Just as Kevin, who grew up in a tough, East coast ghetto neighborhood had dreams of not only surviving, but to escape a dead-end, nowhere life for a better one. He wanted to take what he learned over the years and share it with others. The pilot program was held in March 2014 in Antioch, California.

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Donate A Dream

Just as Foster Dreams became a recognized non-profit in August 2012, tragedy struck a few months later on December 14th, when a disturbed young man opened fire in the hallways and classrooms of the Sandy Hook Elementary School in Newtown, Connecticut. There have been senseless acts like this before, but this one was particularly disturbing for Kevin, since he had grown up in that area and both he and the principal had graduated from the same high school (in different years). It was at that point that Kevin knew he had to get involved somehow, someway. As a motivational speaker who tours the country, Kevin found many of the students he speaks with were thinking more of themselves than of others. It was time to reverse that trend.

About 10 months after the massacre at Sandy Hook school, Kevin approached the local school where he lives in the mountains and spoke to the principal about doing a pilot program in which he would donate $25 to each student for them to give to a non-profit of their choice that they were passionate about. Kevin and the principal finally settled on the 7th and 8th grade classes, since they were at the right age where they would be thinking of their future plans. At first the students had trouble deciding where to donate the money. In their short life they were used to getting, not giving, but soon the idea of “Donate A Dream” caught on. They found non-profits they were passionate about, wrote letters to those charities, and created brochures. When Kevin visited the class in March 2014, the students spoke about how the program changed their way of thinking and to consider others less fortunate than themselves.

“Donate A Dream” now moves on to other schools.

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